At Ben Luke Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients with solid representation and comprehensive legal services, while maintaining a close relationship with our clients. From asset protection to personal injury, our firm offers experienced and skillful counsel to our clients, regardless of the size of their case

Practice Areas



We provide our business clients with a variety of services, including the preparation of contracts and agreements, the sale and purchase of businesses, assistance with selecting and forming the type of organizational entity under which to operate, consultation for employee relations, assistance obtaining financing and funding for business operations, as well as dissolution.



Ben Luke Law has experience handling  residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout Louisiana and  Mississippi. The firm represents business clients and individuals in all  proceedings, transactions and litigation that deal with real estate and the  various structures attached to it, including closings, purchase and sale,  leases, bonds for deeds, servitudes, construction, mortgages and foreclosures,  litigation, zoning, abstracts, title examinations and quiet title actions. 

Wills and Succession, Asset Protection


Only a professionally - executed will can assure that your family and assets will be protected, and that your wishes will be legally enforced. At Ben Luke Law, we know that each client’s needs are different, so we pull from an extensive knowledge base and years of experience to create tailored solutions for wills, succession and asset protection. We help our clients navigate and understand the available asset protection options, including living wills and power of attorney.

Banking, Creditor's Rights and Collections


Ben Luke Law provides all creditor's collections services, including filing lawsuits on contracts, promissory notes and open accounts; foreclosures; repossessions; sequestration; garnishments; judgment debtor examinations and bankruptcy. When the need arises, you want the help of a qualified professional to navigate these complex legal issues. A letter from an attorney commands respect and attention, and can help you settle a dispute.

Abstracts and Title Services


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